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The Edible Art of Our Custom Cakes & Cupcakes in Austin, TX

Some cakes look good. Some cakes taste good. But what if you could have a cake that does both? Cakes Chocolates & More solves that conundrum for you by offering custom cakes and cupcakes in Austin, TX, that look just as amazing as they taste.  

These 3D cakes aren’t just the main dessert course of your next special event; they are an extraordinarily breathtaking centerpiece that will be discussed by everyone attending. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail when it comes to creating our custom creations, and are always eager for a challenge if you have a specific idea in mind. Contact us today to find out why we consider our cakes more than just baked goods but believe they are edible art.

 Yes, It Is a Cake (& Deliciously Edible)!

When you choose to purchase a custom cake or cupcakes from us, you aren’t merely buying a quick treat to eat. You are buying something much more profound. Your cake will be a creation of a story--a truly representative piece of art for your special event.

We make our products with such care and craftsmanship that people are often surprised when they find out it really is a cake. They are even more shocked that a cake that looks like it belongs in a gallery can possibly taste even better than it looks. Make sure you are getting a memorable cake experience by working with our bakers. We offer gluten-free custom cakes, as well for those with allergies.

Custom Cakes