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Cakes, Chocolates & More…would like to welcome you to our World of Unique Creations.

We believe in designing unique cakes and fine chocolate truffles for all occasions. Using your ideas and our imagination we can assist you in designing a one-of-a kind centerpiece that will be the talk of your event.

We usually work from a picture or a visual item; whether it is an invitation, a plate or a napkin. We try to center our designs on your color scheme and party theme. Gone are the days of round or square cakes. Taste and art come one-in-one at Cakes, Chocolates & More. Edible 3D Art is our motto.

Each of our cakes is custom designed and individually priced for each customer. We will do a quick sketch of your cake and we will attach a proposal. We do not make just a sheet cake or a round cake, we carve our designs. Also, our slices are not your standard slices, in order for us to create the designs we do, we work in a larger scale or canvas.

Due to the type of work we do our schedule can fluctuate from day to day depending on the size and type of design you are requesting.

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